Saturday, October 24, 2009

Science Negotiable

Negotiation skills are not dating from the sky, Science Negotiations should continue to be studied, trained, and always be evaluated in order to achieve a high level. Here's a way - a short way to better self : 1. Try to improve negotiation skills from time to time. 2. Lessons learned from each negotiation ever undertaken. 3. If you fail to obtain the target point of compromise, do not despair and feel defeated. Be aware of "science of negotiation" we may not have been equal to your opponent. 4. Do not stop learning and continuous improvisation skills. 5. Increase the power of creation and create new innovations, so the opponent can never perfect your study. 6. Expect new surprises in every negotiation, which are beyond calculation opponent.

Finally, one day I went to the bookstore in the Mall Plaza. At the bookstore, I'm looking for a book on how to do business, after getting the book I went to the cashier to ask at what price. The cashier said $ 100, (because I've studied the science of home Negotiations) I finally dared to negotiate the price of the book to the cashier and agreed. With pleasure and pride I can negotiate, then I pay it for $ 95. Before leaving, the cashier said "good lord you get a discount from my store because today there is a discount promotion", then I left the counter, thinking that the price of $ 95 not because I am good at negotiating.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

O y m y a k u n

Oymyakun are in northeastern Siberia, Jakutiya, Russia. Then see with my own eyes: Petrol frozen fish within 5 minutes so as hard as wood, and milk are sold in tablets of stone like marble. area which is about 2900 km from the North Pole is well-deserved known as "the coldest" in the world. Almost all the houses in Oymyakun made of wood. Throughout the brief summer, this area of land turned into a swamp - swamp if made of concrete could drown. To achieve Oymyakun, we had to pass a cold airport Jakutsk reach - 34 C, the passenger plane was forced to wear boots, reindeer fur. Although just after 15:00, the sun was sinking. We arrived at 03.00 o'clock Oymyakun, with the air temperature - 51 C. And in temperature - 45 C alone, gasoline was frozen, that's why, throughout the winter to keep the engine in turn. If not, the engine can be damaged. The cold felt "burned" when we put cream Facilitate the flow of blood to the face. In half a minute nose feels congested. According to bagenov, that's not how. When the temperature slumped to - 64 C breath and bones - bone freezing, even saliva instantly fell as ice chips! . During 12 months of almost no wind. Winter can last up to nine months. Conversely, in summer the temperature can reach 35 C. For those who've never been there and liked in cold regions could try to Oymyakun. I also heard stories from friends and read the brochure, it is still many areas that need to go and very magnificent. I have plans to go there but wait for the tickets and money.