Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dream to Become the Club Manchester United

Many people know the club's football MANCHESTER UNITED, Club is derived from the English country.
Almost all the fans around the world always look forward to playing the game.
Each time was a lot of fans and almost meet the stadium to witness the club Manchester United both adults and teenagers
Everyone knows that Manchester United is a club football eleven which is very popular as a Trainer and the quality of the MU so that the game is always a good show and good comedy, as it audient satisfied with the quality game.
Manchester United have been champion and Champions retain the Premier League champion, Euforia also add the spirit to retain the champion.
Manchester United have a great coach that is Sir Alex Ferguson, trainer familiar with this strategy is very shocking and very ditakuti play by the opponent.
Same with the players, PLAYERS many great examples Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and so forth.
So if there are eleven clubs who want to become a club like Manchester United and eleven must have a large fund can buy a coach and a great player.
I pray I hope the club Manchester United to become a more powerful and hopefully more successful.

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