Thursday, September 17, 2009


Famous people, whether politicians, Artist, or athletes, it will get many benefits. But often the recognition or respect that received the public - that figure has nothing to do with fame or big names, but on what they do in others, no matter how small. Illustration below is not much different with a story. At the end of last week, a famous actor took his wife and only child on vacation in a remote resort area on the tip of the island. There they were really - really enjoyed the private time with a free family. There's no phone ringing at midnight, there was no microphone chase the reporters, fans rush to have your autograph or take pictures together. One night, they decided to watch a movie. Cinema one - only one in town seemed abandoned and lonely. No matter, his name is also in a small town. Yet greeting surprising is unexpected from the audience when they entered the cinema. To - 12 person audience that is already on the building immediately stood and applauded their arrival. "Ohhh ... not the suspect," the actor said to his wife's hand as he waved back the crowd, "in this remote town there are fans who recognize us." One of the spectators who sat in the front row arrived - came close to the figure and shook his hand. "I do not know yourself, which obviously I was very pleased that you and your family appears," he said. Cinema is only open once a month. The manager said that if the number of spectators is less than 15 people, he will not play the movie. And has for weeks - weeks I want to watch this film. OK ....! thank you for your presence this evening.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Traveling to St. Moriz, Switzerland we will find that many contradictions in the small town. There is an old train station, but residents supermodern. City of St. Moritz impressed warm, friendly, welcome and comfortable. From Zurich in the travel by train for 2.5 hours but was not guaranteed, because the train fire was sophisticated technology. During the journey you will not be boring. Because the landscape to meet the fantastic mountains. Clicking sound is always amazed lips as he watched the train which I rode out into the tunnel. Mountain looks - the body rock, hollowed out for the railway line. At other times, trains run on rails that built hung between two mountains of stone. When he reached the top of the mountain, cliff with beautiful scenery and the depth of hundreds of meters. Does not feel the train had entered the St. station. Moritz called the Plaza de la Staziun. Located on the edge of St. Moritzee See, a volcanic lake elevation 1768 m above sea level. This meter Zero St. Moritz. Do not be surprised when in this station. The place looked old and simple, without a touch of high-tech equipment. Different train parked there. Was also seen a station officer who boards the train instructions to manually close the waiting room. Similarly train departures and arrivals are still relying on a whistle. In short, the condition of St. station. Moritz lose much with the station train in the city - big cities like Zurich or Lucerne. Many tourist attractions can be reached only by train. to be able to go there, the journey must begin from the train station St. Moritz. Objects - objects nearby attractions include the eternal snow peaks in Alp Grum, Engadin, Pontresina, Celerina, Samedan and many more that I can not mention here, because I just got this story from my friend, so I never went there I really want to travel there but I do not have money, I was again waiting for a sponsor to finance the new go there I can tell you a lot.


In many countries of the world's Plaza Hotel in up in the city, who exactly in the middle of the heart of the city. For example in the city of Paris, in the wake Plaza Hotel is a beautiful and majestic. Plaza Hotel is one of the central plaza in the City of Paris, which is located adjacent to the bus station and train, making it easier for tourists both domestic and overseas foreign tourists who want to shop at the Plaza Hotel's. Plaza hotel was filled with rows of boutiques - a boutique that sells upscale Fashion products like Hermes, Prada, Cartier, Versace, Benethon's, Esprit, and Etienne Aigner. What's interesting also is the shop - shop swiss watch made in the famous. Almost all foreign tourists to go shopping at the Plaza Hotel that. At night the Plaza Hotel in decorating lights - the lights, make a bright look so beautiful and majestic look. City of Paris is one of the famous sights in the world, almost all the foreign tourists touring the world ever in the City of Paris is famous for its Tower of Pisa. And many more places - tourist attractions in the City of Paris than Plaza Hotel and Tower of Pisa. Places - tourist attractions in the city of Paris should be the preserve and the preserve, which will make many foreign tourists who will visit the City of Paris. And it will increase foreign exchange for the State. Indeed, according to information the City of Paris is famous the resort, I think I want to go tour there and enjoy the beautiful city of Paris, but how to go there, because there is no money ...!