Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The big Club Manchester United

A night on the exact date of 25 May 2009 I can not sleep because it was not sleep.At that time I also do a job, the job is to make any posts, any posts that have to be a good word - and he said . Because delicious read paper is to be immediately then finished, I want to finish quickly so that any posts that can be uploaded and distributed by publisher . When finished making any posts, I lie chair while watching the TV program into the match between the football club football MANCHESTER UNITED football club with the other .
I finally contracted by the football club that is famous for the MANCHESTER UNITED coach for five years, I think this is an opportunity and in accordance with the ideals - ideals me since small. On the first day of practice, I provide the basic methods of training - basic football, and then proceed with the method-level strategy game that is very scared by the opponent, as are trained so that the formation of physical stamina hardy.And also be trained so that a strategy game togetherness in the team work very reliable . for this I have found a productive and non productive, I can’t sell the productive and non productive that I sell and look for great players to be purchased instead example :Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, etc.
I think this is the name of The Dream Team.Cause formed a great team requires large funds.
At the time of the match on 27 May 2009, Final UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, I think should win the match because of this achievement is that I need to reach me. I install a 4-3-3 formation for the muffle opponents. I have to survive until the first phase, the new second phase I have to play all out. I attach the first half is that I stand in the reinforced first phase, in addition to the Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney I recommend first to survive and also save energy and round 2Th when you first must have a good chance to score a wicket opponent.
In the second round, I recommend that appear to attack, Wayne Rooney I attach the left attacker position. While Cristiano Ronaldo I attach a position to change the position of full-Winger.Dan attack that I reinforced. In the second round, players - players I started the game. And eventually won the game this big. This victory began the attack from full-forward attack and then by Cristiano Ronaldo to the gate opposite the goal.
Eventually become a champion MANCHESTER UNITED UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2008/2009.After go home of it I get a lot of praise from MU Fans around the world. And also from the newspaper and the football observers around the world that all is not separated from the versatility and expertise of the Trainer said.
After that I returned to the sitting and then lying chair and to bed. Accidentally have a friend wake me from sleep. In fact it is only just now beautiful Dream, Dream Great Coach, Dream coach MANCHESTER UNITED.

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