Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exercise Scouts

My week days following exercise in the school curricular exstra. Field that I follow is the Boy Scouts. As usual I was in between the uncle Henk with his motorcycle. Then uncle Henk-day week working holiday, so there is time for inter - pick-up. Scouts exercise carried out at the soccer field who happened not far from my school. Demonstration - the show was done, for example, how to tie a rope, bandage wounds and make drogbar of rope. Practice in the afternoon was done. And before Henk uncle came to pick up, I buy food at the stall which happened to be there. And soon the uncle Henk dating, my speed eating. After paying and goodbye to friends - my friends, I just got into the right motorcycle stopped in front of the diner.
"Home where, brother? "I was surprised not sound uncle Henk. I was wrong up, then I apologize to the motorcycle taxi drivers. Luckily, motorcycle taxi drivers were very good. While in front of me uncle Henk laugh funny, so if you want to ride see - see now ... "I'm just down embarrassed. Uncle Henk did not know if I'm more embarrassed. I got home I thought about it, so be laughed to himself.


At small time, I have the experience to go to the Zoo. At that moment, on the day of the week I was invited to the road - the way my daddy to the Zoo. I am glad to see the animals there. Me and my daddy around to see animals including birds, crocodile, Horse nil. Once satisfied around, I asked my daddy went to the park. According to park my daddy was inhabited by several types of monkeys, who deliberately released in the wild. Wahh .... What a heart surely happy there I could see the gorillas. When I went there was also a museum and movie theater world fauna. When more fun watching gorilla behavior was - I just wanted to come and krncing my dad delivered to the toilet. After urinating, I'm so confused .... Ohhh hard to open the door why ..? . And if the home I locked the bathroom door just press the door handle, turned the other here. I became panic and shouted - shouted scared, do not - I do not locked by the Gorillas. "Papa .... please, pa "I cried aloud," I locked the Gorillas ...! ". Arrive - arrived outside my daddy's voice and soon the door opened, I saw my daddy smile, she then hugged me. "There is no gorilla saying", he said. I see people - people there looked at me with a smile. I was so ashamed Well, apparently had been invited yelled people - people who visit the park it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Incorrect Use Shoes

When the day week, I am delighted because I can vacation with your family at home. And a more enjoyable holiday if the sister event I invited a friend's birthday, it seems very happy, many friends.
Right at 6 nights, I ordered a bath, he will soon depart. Wah happy to me. After a bath, I wear good clothes and wear slippers that I purchased new yesterday. Then I leave the sisters in my motorcycle, not long after a friend at home So hold back the years, the once majestic house.
Sister says that the event will have a speech, I am prohibited from speaking, the command that I conducted with abiding. Friends - friends sister all are present.
I finished the event back rushing out the house and find a new shoes. Then, after finding shoes, I walk towards motorcycles, but far I have not run across, a friend, older sister ran - run and called it, "so sorry, that you wear shoes that are not your shoes," he said with a friendly. I am surprised, and immediately notice shoes and ... Oh, that was not mine. "Sorry .. , "With feelings of shame that I release the shoes. Friend sister is only just see the smile that I am being ashamed. Then a new sister out, see the incident, "if that is first seen wearing sandals" he said while giving my slippers.


In fact this is not a good experience and put to shame, but that did not recur in the friends - friends I share the story on the friend - a friend. Begins when visiting friends who are in the hospital. When the lane - lane hospital I meet with Baria, Baria is a neighbor's house into a work of hospital nurses. Baria are encouraged to train a patient lie sick, with infus in hand, "Baria" I called it because he was familiar with, "Oh, Alex ..., look in ya friend? "Baria said with a straight-friendly. I approached "Baria .., tonight come to my house again, I have a gift for you ..." he hears the request agrees, "Ok." Then I saw he was quite busy when the train will play. "Here Baria encouraged me help you ...! I said while reaching the patient's pushcart. "Oh, do not alex ..." but too late, hurried rotate the pushcart. "... OOW! "Was the way to decline, then and pushcart coast. Patients who lie cried surprised. Baria ago, and I run and try to pursue a rate pushcart. We look strong, hit the dating and help him. Since that incident I be so - careful if you want to act. Baria pity, but there it was not a penalty. That I was relieved Baria forgive me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Business = Painting

Business is something beautiful, Something beautiful eyes that are seen well, beautiful for themselves and for the beautiful people. Such as paintings, beautiful for ourselves and for the beautiful people who view it. There is a painter who is painting scenery, and with her beautiful painting using the color pattern is very beautiful and he paints with the patient and full concentration. Results paintings that many people like it, many people were stunned, so many buyers who are interested in painting it. Thus the painter was a lot of orders because of a painter painting it makes many people spellbound paintings. Similarly with the business, make it beautiful for the business itself and beautiful to others, such as painting it. Make a business is like beautiful paintings and mesmerize so many people are not many buyers. Unfortunately I can not paint like a painter that before, so I can not have business.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hold The Wrong

In the afternoon I went to the bookstore with a friend, when the shops are on the books, ask friends that I always look for the book itself. So we definitely separated, friends search for books of interest, I am also find books that I like. I am happy to be shop the book, other than the place comfortable, cool and a good book - good. While selecting, I read the book is thin - thinner. 'What book? "And then shocked vote by friends, I told the content of the books I read, friends smile. I also find the other books, confused me. There are story books, have book knowledge of the thin-thin, there are books on computer. Arrived - arrived I found the book covers were great. Book in English. Thumb see my friends are taking a bow under the existing book. I called repeatedly, just remain silent, and I ask him "what about this book? "While interesting shirt, then he peek ....! and in fact he is not friends. "Oh, that book of poetry about children - children" answered the man with the friendly, I am very ashamed of. I immediately search for friends and friends was also seen from a distance while smile - smile seduce. Fortunately the person that once before friendly

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grilled fish stall

In the early days, such as employees usually receive a monthly salary, Bos distribute salaries to the employees, I feel very happy because wages rise this month. After working from the results immediately notify my wages increased to the father, of course my father is very happy to see wages rise for this month and point thumb to me "this new children's father," he said. Afternoon the day I invite my father to eat grilled fish stall in the very famous fish dish fuel. My father is very happy to eat roasted fish, favorite foods, and feel happy because this new time I start eating fish grilled by my son "he said," I order the fish and then roasted ago made the order. Then I saw that the seller is currently burning fuel that I fish a message, .... Oh lots of fuel to smoke fish to smoke ... my nose. Uuuh hungry just add it. Some time later I saw the fish is cooked and roasted plates prepared. When fish vendors would deliver fuel to the table I immediately get up and retrieve it, "pack the fish stall ... let me take it that my shirt," said " Ohhh sorry Dik, roasted fish her order is the father who sits there "he said with a friendly one. I immediately turned to a table designated vendor stalls that, ehhh ...... there was a man who was waiting there. He heads to nod my direction. "Sorry, mister ... I think ..." I said. With shame, and I immediately ran to my father's table. There the father directly - Wipe hair. "So he must be patient"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Canon Camera Digital

At the time of day on Thursday 13 August 2009, my shopping in a store ALEX store, which sells a special digital camera Canon brand. According to the information, brands Fuji digital camera, cheap price and good Quality than other brands. because the price is suitable and appropriate and I wish to pay in full and I take home. Fuji brand digital camera that I will use tomorrow to travel in the mountains, which is located quite far from where I live or the area outside the city is called, the trip is approximately four hours from my home, After buying the camera and then I returned to the. Once up in the house, the existing guests, guests are old friends who have been waiting for from the line. The arrival of preparation you want to discuss how the event traveling tomorrow, and I said that already prepare ok and no problem. After that I went home and prepared to the tomorrow purposes. Right in the morning and my friend have been gathering in my home for traveling in the mountains, and then leave with a car. After four hours later So at destination, the destination in the cool air and beautiful scenery, and my friend - jubilant friends and enjoy the fresh scenery is beautiful. At the time the photos together in the beautiful mountains and cool air, but I forgot to bring a digital camera Fuji a good brand and the sophisticated.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get a lesson from grandma Seller broom

I have a friend named Alex, alex told to wonder on a grandmother in front of the parking market. When that day week, when he and his family would come home from a friend's house, they go through the market. The mother of my friend's tempted to buy food before the market for dinner that day happens darken. Besides the stores have a grandmother dressed in dirty, while embracing the three sit tied broom. He seems to be tired, weak and powerless do not. After the food, the mother of my friend wanted to give money because 1 usd compassionate view. Time to give money before, not alleged that the grandmother and even resign disappointed with the slow head shake. Once again given the money, once again the grandmother refused. Seller of shops accidental incident that saw grandmother explained that the beggar is not the seller but broom. Will understand the meaning of existence is actually a grandmother, the mother of my friend finally decided to buy a broom three price 1.5 usd per broom. Although the condition broom crook. Receive money 5 usd, the grandmother looks a bit angry because he does not itself have the money change. "Take a course change money," said the mother of my friend. However, the stubborn grandmother for the money change that is 0.5 usd, and he rose with great difficulty and change money at a store near you. My friend's mother glued to see the grandmother. Get in the car, he was still thinking, how in the period may now still have someone so honest, independent, and have self so high.


One day I remember the words of my friend, "if already working in the big city, not the one - time use raincoat! "Originally, I wonder. "What is in the city have restrictions rain jacket? "When in the FAQ, I just chuckle, while explaining, raincoat that means" do not have debt, and often buy something good. " Although a bit confused, I learned the word - he said. Before then shake one's head while laughing - head shake one's head. In the heart, I said, the unique message of my friend, let alone easy to remember. Then about her experiences working in the city, industrial area. There he often go on - and throw money around throw money. he thinks, yet each month will receive a salary. Consequently, he often forgot "count". In mid-month, money wages are low. In fact at that time incomes can be spelled more than enough. My friend had to go in debt - which. Salary is only a "close the hole." patterns of living that is not planned to be continued until the end of the contract. As a result, when he can not return something that means, because the amount of money dropped out of the contract is not something that means, because the amount of money dropped out of the contract can not be very reliable. Until now ban "berjas rain" is still always occur in the head me. Debt without feeling the responsibility is not wise. And everything that makes us tend to over-forget. thank you friends!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Barcelona

On 25 Mey 2009 I write on my blog, writing about the dream to become a coach at the club Manchester United. In my dream, I’m trained club Manchester United to face the match of the tourney Final Champions 2009 on 27 Mey 2009 between Manchester United and Barcelona . With analysis, strategy and a strong confidence that I will win the match a large this.strategy I use is the stand first and then attack the opponent with the goal that run out power in the new first round second round, I will play out - I erroneously predicted run. It turns out Barcelona that appear very extraordinary to take the match to win the match, so that with the score 2 - 0.Barcelona supported the players - great players apply strategies that are brillian with Cristiano Ronaldo off the movement so that he can not actually play with. At that time I have tried with a vengeance and mind in the game that won this great rivalry but the result was another outside my estimation, it is called a game there are winners and losers. I do not predict that Barcelona have been buying players - great players for the match and to face this summer. Players - players who purchased a Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, Henry Tenry, Rio Ferdinand and so on.
The dream is not always consistent with reality, dreams become a great coach at Manchester United for a special club Barcelona in the Champions League Final win in 2009 so that was my experience defeat.

Sometimes dreams in accordance with the reality sometimes does not match the reality. And I hope that Barcelona can keep the predicate Champion … and good luck ..!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The big Club Manchester United

A night on the exact date of 25 May 2009 I can not sleep because it was not sleep.At that time I also do a job, the job is to make any posts, any posts that have to be a good word - and he said . Because delicious read paper is to be immediately then finished, I want to finish quickly so that any posts that can be uploaded and distributed by publisher . When finished making any posts, I lie chair while watching the TV program into the match between the football club football MANCHESTER UNITED football club with the other .
I finally contracted by the football club that is famous for the MANCHESTER UNITED coach for five years, I think this is an opportunity and in accordance with the ideals - ideals me since small. On the first day of practice, I provide the basic methods of training - basic football, and then proceed with the method-level strategy game that is very scared by the opponent, as are trained so that the formation of physical stamina hardy.And also be trained so that a strategy game togetherness in the team work very reliable . for this I have found a productive and non productive, I can’t sell the productive and non productive that I sell and look for great players to be purchased instead example :Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, etc.
I think this is the name of The Dream Team.Cause formed a great team requires large funds.
At the time of the match on 27 May 2009, Final UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, I think should win the match because of this achievement is that I need to reach me. I install a 4-3-3 formation for the muffle opponents. I have to survive until the first phase, the new second phase I have to play all out. I attach the first half is that I stand in the reinforced first phase, in addition to the Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney I recommend first to survive and also save energy and round 2Th when you first must have a good chance to score a wicket opponent.
In the second round, I recommend that appear to attack, Wayne Rooney I attach the left attacker position. While Cristiano Ronaldo I attach a position to change the position of full-Winger.Dan attack that I reinforced. In the second round, players - players I started the game. And eventually won the game this big. This victory began the attack from full-forward attack and then by Cristiano Ronaldo to the gate opposite the goal.
Eventually become a champion MANCHESTER UNITED UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2008/2009.After go home of it I get a lot of praise from MU Fans around the world. And also from the newspaper and the football observers around the world that all is not separated from the versatility and expertise of the Trainer said.
After that I returned to the sitting and then lying chair and to bed. Accidentally have a friend wake me from sleep. In fact it is only just now beautiful Dream, Dream Great Coach, Dream coach MANCHESTER UNITED.