Thursday, September 17, 2009


Famous people, whether politicians, Artist, or athletes, it will get many benefits. But often the recognition or respect that received the public - that figure has nothing to do with fame or big names, but on what they do in others, no matter how small. Illustration below is not much different with a story. At the end of last week, a famous actor took his wife and only child on vacation in a remote resort area on the tip of the island. There they were really - really enjoyed the private time with a free family. There's no phone ringing at midnight, there was no microphone chase the reporters, fans rush to have your autograph or take pictures together. One night, they decided to watch a movie. Cinema one - only one in town seemed abandoned and lonely. No matter, his name is also in a small town. Yet greeting surprising is unexpected from the audience when they entered the cinema. To - 12 person audience that is already on the building immediately stood and applauded their arrival. "Ohhh ... not the suspect," the actor said to his wife's hand as he waved back the crowd, "in this remote town there are fans who recognize us." One of the spectators who sat in the front row arrived - came close to the figure and shook his hand. "I do not know yourself, which obviously I was very pleased that you and your family appears," he said. Cinema is only open once a month. The manager said that if the number of spectators is less than 15 people, he will not play the movie. And has for weeks - weeks I want to watch this film. OK ....! thank you for your presence this evening.


  1. Interesting piece. Did you write this?

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