Sunday, September 6, 2009


In many countries of the world's Plaza Hotel in up in the city, who exactly in the middle of the heart of the city. For example in the city of Paris, in the wake Plaza Hotel is a beautiful and majestic. Plaza Hotel is one of the central plaza in the City of Paris, which is located adjacent to the bus station and train, making it easier for tourists both domestic and overseas foreign tourists who want to shop at the Plaza Hotel's. Plaza hotel was filled with rows of boutiques - a boutique that sells upscale Fashion products like Hermes, Prada, Cartier, Versace, Benethon's, Esprit, and Etienne Aigner. What's interesting also is the shop - shop swiss watch made in the famous. Almost all foreign tourists to go shopping at the Plaza Hotel that. At night the Plaza Hotel in decorating lights - the lights, make a bright look so beautiful and majestic look. City of Paris is one of the famous sights in the world, almost all the foreign tourists touring the world ever in the City of Paris is famous for its Tower of Pisa. And many more places - tourist attractions in the City of Paris than Plaza Hotel and Tower of Pisa. Places - tourist attractions in the city of Paris should be the preserve and the preserve, which will make many foreign tourists who will visit the City of Paris. And it will increase foreign exchange for the State. Indeed, according to information the City of Paris is famous the resort, I think I want to go tour there and enjoy the beautiful city of Paris, but how to go there, because there is no money ...!

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