Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exercise Scouts

My week days following exercise in the school curricular exstra. Field that I follow is the Boy Scouts. As usual I was in between the uncle Henk with his motorcycle. Then uncle Henk-day week working holiday, so there is time for inter - pick-up. Scouts exercise carried out at the soccer field who happened not far from my school. Demonstration - the show was done, for example, how to tie a rope, bandage wounds and make drogbar of rope. Practice in the afternoon was done. And before Henk uncle came to pick up, I buy food at the stall which happened to be there. And soon the uncle Henk dating, my speed eating. After paying and goodbye to friends - my friends, I just got into the right motorcycle stopped in front of the diner.
"Home where, brother? "I was surprised not sound uncle Henk. I was wrong up, then I apologize to the motorcycle taxi drivers. Luckily, motorcycle taxi drivers were very good. While in front of me uncle Henk laugh funny, so if you want to ride see - see now ... "I'm just down embarrassed. Uncle Henk did not know if I'm more embarrassed. I got home I thought about it, so be laughed to himself.

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