Monday, August 17, 2009

Business = Painting

Business is something beautiful, Something beautiful eyes that are seen well, beautiful for themselves and for the beautiful people. Such as paintings, beautiful for ourselves and for the beautiful people who view it. There is a painter who is painting scenery, and with her beautiful painting using the color pattern is very beautiful and he paints with the patient and full concentration. Results paintings that many people like it, many people were stunned, so many buyers who are interested in painting it. Thus the painter was a lot of orders because of a painter painting it makes many people spellbound paintings. Similarly with the business, make it beautiful for the business itself and beautiful to others, such as painting it. Make a business is like beautiful paintings and mesmerize so many people are not many buyers. Unfortunately I can not paint like a painter that before, so I can not have business.


  1. Yap perfectly right ! I am also thinking to paint.....