Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Incorrect Use Shoes

When the day week, I am delighted because I can vacation with your family at home. And a more enjoyable holiday if the sister event I invited a friend's birthday, it seems very happy, many friends.
Right at 6 nights, I ordered a bath, he will soon depart. Wah happy to me. After a bath, I wear good clothes and wear slippers that I purchased new yesterday. Then I leave the sisters in my motorcycle, not long after a friend at home So hold back the years, the once majestic house.
Sister says that the event will have a speech, I am prohibited from speaking, the command that I conducted with abiding. Friends - friends sister all are present.
I finished the event back rushing out the house and find a new shoes. Then, after finding shoes, I walk towards motorcycles, but far I have not run across, a friend, older sister ran - run and called it, "so sorry, that you wear shoes that are not your shoes," he said with a friendly. I am surprised, and immediately notice shoes and ... Oh, that was not mine. "Sorry .. , "With feelings of shame that I release the shoes. Friend sister is only just see the smile that I am being ashamed. Then a new sister out, see the incident, "if that is first seen wearing sandals" he said while giving my slippers.

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