Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Barcelona

On 25 Mey 2009 I write on my blog, writing about the dream to become a coach at the club Manchester United. In my dream, I’m trained club Manchester United to face the match of the tourney Final Champions 2009 on 27 Mey 2009 between Manchester United and Barcelona . With analysis, strategy and a strong confidence that I will win the match a large this.strategy I use is the stand first and then attack the opponent with the goal that run out power in the new first round second round, I will play out - I erroneously predicted run. It turns out Barcelona that appear very extraordinary to take the match to win the match, so that with the score 2 - 0.Barcelona supported the players - great players apply strategies that are brillian with Cristiano Ronaldo off the movement so that he can not actually play with. At that time I have tried with a vengeance and mind in the game that won this great rivalry but the result was another outside my estimation, it is called a game there are winners and losers. I do not predict that Barcelona have been buying players - great players for the match and to face this summer. Players - players who purchased a Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, Henry Tenry, Rio Ferdinand and so on.
The dream is not always consistent with reality, dreams become a great coach at Manchester United for a special club Barcelona in the Champions League Final win in 2009 so that was my experience defeat.

Sometimes dreams in accordance with the reality sometimes does not match the reality. And I hope that Barcelona can keep the predicate Champion … and good luck ..!



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