Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grilled fish stall

In the early days, such as employees usually receive a monthly salary, Bos distribute salaries to the employees, I feel very happy because wages rise this month. After working from the results immediately notify my wages increased to the father, of course my father is very happy to see wages rise for this month and point thumb to me "this new children's father," he said. Afternoon the day I invite my father to eat grilled fish stall in the very famous fish dish fuel. My father is very happy to eat roasted fish, favorite foods, and feel happy because this new time I start eating fish grilled by my son "he said," I order the fish and then roasted ago made the order. Then I saw that the seller is currently burning fuel that I fish a message, .... Oh lots of fuel to smoke fish to smoke ... my nose. Uuuh hungry just add it. Some time later I saw the fish is cooked and roasted plates prepared. When fish vendors would deliver fuel to the table I immediately get up and retrieve it, "pack the fish stall ... let me take it that my shirt," said " Ohhh sorry Dik, roasted fish her order is the father who sits there "he said with a friendly one. I immediately turned to a table designated vendor stalls that, ehhh ...... there was a man who was waiting there. He heads to nod my direction. "Sorry, mister ... I think ..." I said. With shame, and I immediately ran to my father's table. There the father directly - Wipe hair. "So he must be patient"