Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hold The Wrong

In the afternoon I went to the bookstore with a friend, when the shops are on the books, ask friends that I always look for the book itself. So we definitely separated, friends search for books of interest, I am also find books that I like. I am happy to be shop the book, other than the place comfortable, cool and a good book - good. While selecting, I read the book is thin - thinner. 'What book? "And then shocked vote by friends, I told the content of the books I read, friends smile. I also find the other books, confused me. There are story books, have book knowledge of the thin-thin, there are books on computer. Arrived - arrived I found the book covers were great. Book in English. Thumb see my friends are taking a bow under the existing book. I called repeatedly, just remain silent, and I ask him "what about this book? "While interesting shirt, then he peek ....! and in fact he is not friends. "Oh, that book of poetry about children - children" answered the man with the friendly, I am very ashamed of. I immediately search for friends and friends was also seen from a distance while smile - smile seduce. Fortunately the person that once before friendly


  1. I LOVE LOVE going to a book shop. Nothing like the idea of going to pick up a good book :)

    Ashley Kay