Wednesday, August 19, 2009


In fact this is not a good experience and put to shame, but that did not recur in the friends - friends I share the story on the friend - a friend. Begins when visiting friends who are in the hospital. When the lane - lane hospital I meet with Baria, Baria is a neighbor's house into a work of hospital nurses. Baria are encouraged to train a patient lie sick, with infus in hand, "Baria" I called it because he was familiar with, "Oh, Alex ..., look in ya friend? "Baria said with a straight-friendly. I approached "Baria .., tonight come to my house again, I have a gift for you ..." he hears the request agrees, "Ok." Then I saw he was quite busy when the train will play. "Here Baria encouraged me help you ...! I said while reaching the patient's pushcart. "Oh, do not alex ..." but too late, hurried rotate the pushcart. "... OOW! "Was the way to decline, then and pushcart coast. Patients who lie cried surprised. Baria ago, and I run and try to pursue a rate pushcart. We look strong, hit the dating and help him. Since that incident I be so - careful if you want to act. Baria pity, but there it was not a penalty. That I was relieved Baria forgive me.


  1. Yup, friends are more than medicine. They cure you when you are sick. Al tough sometime friend can be like medicine (hard,bitter and salty) they worth the taste. thanks for the response on my post
    Anyway You got plenty of issues to write in your blog. Al tough I may not understand all of it, I can catch some ideas what you're writing about. Blog Rocks!!

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  3. hey there. works something like the placebo effect... mind over matter