Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get a lesson from grandma Seller broom

I have a friend named Alex, alex told to wonder on a grandmother in front of the parking market. When that day week, when he and his family would come home from a friend's house, they go through the market. The mother of my friend's tempted to buy food before the market for dinner that day happens darken. Besides the stores have a grandmother dressed in dirty, while embracing the three sit tied broom. He seems to be tired, weak and powerless do not. After the food, the mother of my friend wanted to give money because 1 usd compassionate view. Time to give money before, not alleged that the grandmother and even resign disappointed with the slow head shake. Once again given the money, once again the grandmother refused. Seller of shops accidental incident that saw grandmother explained that the beggar is not the seller but broom. Will understand the meaning of existence is actually a grandmother, the mother of my friend finally decided to buy a broom three price 1.5 usd per broom. Although the condition broom crook. Receive money 5 usd, the grandmother looks a bit angry because he does not itself have the money change. "Take a course change money," said the mother of my friend. However, the stubborn grandmother for the money change that is 0.5 usd, and he rose with great difficulty and change money at a store near you. My friend's mother glued to see the grandmother. Get in the car, he was still thinking, how in the period may now still have someone so honest, independent, and have self so high.