Thursday, August 27, 2009


At small time, I have the experience to go to the Zoo. At that moment, on the day of the week I was invited to the road - the way my daddy to the Zoo. I am glad to see the animals there. Me and my daddy around to see animals including birds, crocodile, Horse nil. Once satisfied around, I asked my daddy went to the park. According to park my daddy was inhabited by several types of monkeys, who deliberately released in the wild. Wahh .... What a heart surely happy there I could see the gorillas. When I went there was also a museum and movie theater world fauna. When more fun watching gorilla behavior was - I just wanted to come and krncing my dad delivered to the toilet. After urinating, I'm so confused .... Ohhh hard to open the door why ..? . And if the home I locked the bathroom door just press the door handle, turned the other here. I became panic and shouted - shouted scared, do not - I do not locked by the Gorillas. "Papa .... please, pa "I cried aloud," I locked the Gorillas ...! ". Arrive - arrived outside my daddy's voice and soon the door opened, I saw my daddy smile, she then hugged me. "There is no gorilla saying", he said. I see people - people there looked at me with a smile. I was so ashamed Well, apparently had been invited yelled people - people who visit the park it.


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