Friday, August 14, 2009

Canon Camera Digital

At the time of day on Thursday 13 August 2009, my shopping in a store ALEX store, which sells a special digital camera Canon brand. According to the information, brands Fuji digital camera, cheap price and good Quality than other brands. because the price is suitable and appropriate and I wish to pay in full and I take home. Fuji brand digital camera that I will use tomorrow to travel in the mountains, which is located quite far from where I live or the area outside the city is called, the trip is approximately four hours from my home, After buying the camera and then I returned to the. Once up in the house, the existing guests, guests are old friends who have been waiting for from the line. The arrival of preparation you want to discuss how the event traveling tomorrow, and I said that already prepare ok and no problem. After that I went home and prepared to the tomorrow purposes. Right in the morning and my friend have been gathering in my home for traveling in the mountains, and then leave with a car. After four hours later So at destination, the destination in the cool air and beautiful scenery, and my friend - jubilant friends and enjoy the fresh scenery is beautiful. At the time the photos together in the beautiful mountains and cool air, but I forgot to bring a digital camera Fuji a good brand and the sophisticated.

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